What Is Microsoft Cloud Agreement

Is it just for the cloud? Yes, yes. The Cloud Solution Provider program implies that it`s cloud only. In addition, it is only Microsoft Public Cloud. Office365, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online and other productivity solutions. But also security like the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and Azure`s cloud platform services. Do I sign a contract with Microsoft? Yes, yes. You order your cloud subscriptions from your Microsoft CSP partner and also receive support and invoices from you. But Microsoft owns the intellectual property of the cloud software solution – Software as a Service. This means that Microsoft determines the terms of use. As a contracting party, you must sign the Microsoft Cloud Agreement and Microsoft`s Online Service Terms (OST). The Cloud Agreement is the legal link between your organization and Microsoft. docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/confirm-consent-faq Is there an alternative? Yes, that`s right.

In particular, if you have a mixed or hybrid computing environment, there are better solutions, for example. B the open value subscription (OVS) program for small and medium-sized enterprises. OVS gives you the option to allow both Public Cloud subscriptions and on-premise software. It is also a subscription-based program with associated benefits: you can increase or reduce the number of seats, add or remove certain solutions and distribute payments. Budget versus investment. Unlike CSP within the OVS, changes and payments per year are not per month. You need to use more than 500 seats for the user? The subscription corresponding to the enterprise agreement could be best suited. Is CSP a licensing program? No, it`s not just a licensing program.

CSP is designed to provide you with your public microsoft subscriptions, p.B. Office365, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Azure and Dynamics CRM Online. But it`s more than a licensing platform. Within CSP, you have the same flexibility as microsoft directly, but you will receive a monthly bill from your partner for subscriptions (software) and services. Your CSP partner will provide you with mandatory 24-hour support. This means that CSP is more than «only» a licensing solution. A: Suppose you`re a Liquid Mercury Solutions customer, you`re probably under the North American commercial version of the MCA cloud. If you have employees or users outside the US (especially Germany, the EU or China), you must sign additional documents for these regions and agree on conditions that go beyond the terms of the agreements listed below. A: Microsoft says it`s up to the customer to determine who it should be. We tend to believe that it should be someone in your organization who has the power to conclude the organization in binding agreements. Some companies are structured to allow for the transfer of responsibilities such as accepting software contracts or deleging credit card purchases – but it is problematic to check whether a person has such privileges.

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